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Crystal Snow

Happiness is warming up in hot style! Crystal Snow has it all wrapped up when it comes to style on the slopes! Never frosty and always ready to share a hug, Crystal is always falling for the next trend to show in the snow!

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Happiness is grabbing your board and carving up the waves on a hot summer’s day!  Then chillin’ out on the beach with some Petkin mates ‘till the sun sets! Now that’s a top day Down Under!

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Pia Puzzle

Happiness is when it all comes together! Pia Puzzle can be sometimes be a little scattered but she is always up for a challenge with her cute little Petkins. It’s always fun and games when this Lil’ Shoppie’s around!

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With style, grace and a beautiful face, Pirouetta turns heads with every turn of here tutu!   Just a walk to the store ends up in a standing ovation from her friends!  The world’s a stage for this Prima Ballerina. And she doesn’t stop ‘till the curtain comes down!

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Marsha Mello

Happiness is going gaga over anything cute and fluffy! This baby-talking bestie has a soft spot for everyone! She’s an ever caring, sugar sharing Lil’ Shoppie who’s always chilled! Nobody is more mellow than this girl!

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Ella Rain

Happiness is dancing in downpours and boot scooting through puddles!  Splashing out with friends is Ella Rain’s idea of a perfect day. Grey skies and cloud cover equals a fabulous forecast!  “The wetter, the better!” 

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Happiness is following your dreams no matter how wild they seem.  Cutiecorn knows magic can happen. You just have to believe! Come and ride the rainbow and discover your happy place! 

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Bella Bliss

Happiness is riding away on your wedding day with your perfect partner. Bella Bliss loves to make Bridie’s special day even more special with an entrance to remember. With flowing veils and beautiful tails, they’re a match made in heaven!

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Happiness is riding down the aisle to meet your match in a dress that has the “WOW” factor! With a posy and her pony, Bridie is ready to say “I Do!” and make it a day to remember forever!

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Poni Crumbles

Happiness is being a sweet ride for her favorite Lil’ Shoppie Coco Cookie! Their teamwork’s supreme! Even when the chips are down, when they saddle up together they can jump any hurdle that’s in front of them!

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Coco Cookie

Coco Cookie always tries to do her best to please! She’s a cut above the rest and even when things start to crumble she never gives up. Take her advice: “If you come off your pony get straight back on again!”

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Happiness is a ribbon-winning ride with a stylish rider! A real show pony, this sweet-saddled performer likes to team up with Jessicake. Together they’re the stars of the stables! 

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Jessicake loves helping out in the pampered pony stable.

Happiness is dressaging it up in the arena with a pony who’s all show! Jessicake has the jump on everyone when it comes to blue ribbon riding.  Having the look that everyone desires is a piece of cake!

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Royal Prancer

Royal Prancer loves to dance with Tilly Tulip. Happiness is prancin’ 'n' dancin’ around the Royal Arena! Royal Prancer loves to pony-walk down the red carpet with her Lil’ Shoppie Tilly Tulip. This pair of pretty petals knows how to put on a show!

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Tilly Tulip

Tilly Tulip loves the great outdoors! She’s a true bouquet beauty 24/7. Tilly Tulip is all about “Flower Power!” She may be a princess but she’s no precious petal. Tilly is up for any adventure and horseback is the only way to travel for this Lil’ Shoppie!

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