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"Happiness is…Taking a camping vacation to Rainbow Beach! Pinki Cola calls her Campervan “Home Sweet Home”! Full of fizz, this ‘Lil Shoppie is a wiz when it comes to happy holidays! With the help of her Petkins she has everything she needs for a comfy stay when she’s away! Pinki Cola is one of the bubbliest Lil’ Shoppies you’ll ever meet. You’ll never feel flat when she’s around!"

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"Happiness is…packing a picnic and chasing rainbows in the Happy Convertible!
Rainbow Kate loves to feel the wind in her hair and drive to Rainbow Beach for a picnic with some colorful Petkins. Life is a highway and Rainbow Kate is ready to follow the sun for some summer fun!"

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Happiness is…Partying around the BBQ with her favorite flock of friends!
Fleur Mingo is dressed to grill and loves to cook up a stylish scene with her pink Petkins at the Rainbow Beach House. There’s nothing like some tasty fun under the sun!

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Happiness is…Always being a big softie when it comes to helping others!
Pommie loves to decorate with colorful Petkins to create a bedroom where she can dream about being somewhere over the rainbow! That way this Fluffy Lil’ Shoppie always wakes up sharp!

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Happiness is…Relaxing in the lounge with a good book and a cool drink.
Pineapple Lily can always find a happy place to unwind with her laid back Petkins! It’s a little piece of paradise that she loves to share with her friends!

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Happiness is…Hanging out under the palm trees with some Petkins in Paradise!
Kokonut is a belle in a shell who loves to create an oasis with some smiling faces! What more do you need than sand, sea, and some cute tropical juices!

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"Happiness is…Soring like a bird! Boho Feathers is a magical unicorn with the power of flight!
If you’re lucky you will see her with her friend Faith riding on her back, running through rainbows over Rainbow Beach! When you have Faith and a dream, anything is possible!"

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"Happiness is… Riding and ringing while Isabell’s singing!
Ringa Bell is a unicorn that can run rings around others when it comes to trotting out a tune! A shy little thing, she hides till she rings, then it’s time to perform a magical show on Rainbow Beach with the Petkins!"

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"Happiness is… Making your dreams come true!
As pretty as a rainbow and more precious than a pot of gold, Rainbow Dreamer is a rare find! But if you are lucky you will spot her at Rainbow Beach watching her reflection in the rock pools! You just can’t help but stare when a unicorn is this beautiful!"

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"Happiness is… Having the sweetest friends to share the day with!
Looking like she’s just hopped off a carousel, Candy Clops is a carnival of candy-coated color! And when Lolita Pops hops on - she’s one sweet ride! Together they leave swirls in the sand as they dance along Rainbow Beach!"

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"Happiness is… Making magic happen! Mystabella is a Lil’ Shoppie that everyone dreams about!
She makes every room sparkle when she enters! Her wish is to find her own unicorn and fly into the clouds! She’s always wondered what it would be like to slide down a rainbow! Who knows what she’ll find at Rainbow Beach!"

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"Happiness is… Buzzing with fun all day long! Lolita Pops is unstoppable!
She’s an extra sweet Lil’ Shoppie who loves to be colorful! That’s why Rainbow Beach is her favorite summer vacation spot. There are always bright new surprises to discover at the beach house!"

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Happiness is… Galloping through the tropical rainforest and drinking from crystal clear streams!
Tropicorn is a mystical unicorn who loves finding surprises. She decorates herself with beautiful petals and leaves which makes her hard to spot! She only allows true nature lovers like Isla Hibiscus to ride her!

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"Happiness is… Prancing through the crystal blue water!
With her hooves in the sand, Popsicorn love to make a splash along Rainbow Beach! She uses her tail to sail along the water’s edge with her friend Popsi Blue on her back! Together they’re the coolest couple on the beach!"

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"Happiness is… Sailing through life with the wind in your hair!
Popsi Blue keeps her cool in any situation and never gets hot under the collar. She loves finding Petkins down at Rainbow Beach and sharing popsicle on a summer’s day. The best way to chill is just go with the flow!"

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"Happiness is… Believing in yourself!
Faith is a free spirit who follows her heart. With an “anything’s possible” attitude, she takes on any challenge! Being a place full of mystery and surprise, Faith feels at home in Rainbow Beach! It’s where you’ll always find what you need!"

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"Happiness is… Being a natural beauty!
Isla Hibiscus covers herself in the prettiest petals she can find. Her blossoming outfit is as bright as her smile and has the scent of a sweet summer’s day! Rainbow Beach is the perfect place to pick out a fresh new look every morning!"

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"Happiness is… Being the bell of the ball!
With bells in her hair and bells on her toes, she has music wherever she goes! You will always hear Isabell before you see her. She jingles about searching for Petkins at Rainbow Beach! Even if you don’t remember her name, her face always rings a bell!"

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Crystal Snow

Happiness is warming up in hot style! Crystal Snow has it all wrapped up when it comes to style on the slopes! Never frosty and always ready to share a hug, Crystal is always falling for the next trend to show in the snow!

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Happiness is grabbing your board and carving up the waves on a hot summer’s day!  Then chillin’ out on the beach with some Petkin mates ‘till the sun sets! Now that’s a top day Down Under!

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Pia Puzzle

Happiness is when it all comes together! Pia Puzzle can be sometimes be a little scattered but she is always up for a challenge with her cute little Petkins. It’s always fun and games when this Lil’ Shoppie’s around!

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With style, grace and a beautiful face, Pirouetta turns heads with every turn of here tutu!   Just a walk to the store ends up in a standing ovation from her friends!  The world’s a stage for this Prima Ballerina. And she doesn’t stop ‘till the curtain comes down!

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Marsha Mello

Happiness is going gaga over anything cute and fluffy! This baby-talking bestie has a soft spot for everyone! She’s an ever caring, sugar sharing Lil’ Shoppie who’s always chilled! Nobody is more mellow than this girl!

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Ella Rain

Happiness is dancing in downpours and boot scooting through puddles!  Splashing out with friends is Ella Rain’s idea of a perfect day. Grey skies and cloud cover equals a fabulous forecast!  “The wetter, the better!” 

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Happiness is following your dreams no matter how wild they seem.  Cutiecorn knows magic can happen. You just have to believe! Come and ride the rainbow and discover your happy place! 

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Bella Bliss

Happiness is riding away on your wedding day with your perfect partner. Bella Bliss loves to make Bridie’s special day even more special with an entrance to remember. With flowing veils and beautiful tails, they’re a match made in heaven!

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Happiness is riding down the aisle to meet your match in a dress that has the “WOW” factor! With a posy and her pony, Bridie is ready to say “I Do!” and make it a day to remember forever!

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Poni Crumbles

Happiness is being a sweet ride for her favorite Lil’ Shoppie Coco Cookie! Their teamwork’s supreme! Even when the chips are down, when they saddle up together they can jump any hurdle that’s in front of them!

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Coco Cookie

Coco Cookie always tries to do her best to please! She’s a cut above the rest and even when things start to crumble she never gives up. Take her advice: “If you come off your pony get straight back on again!”

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Happiness is a ribbon-winning ride with a stylish rider! A real show pony, this sweet-saddled performer likes to team up with Jessicake. Together they’re the stars of the stables! 

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Jessicake loves helping out in the pampered pony stable.

Happiness is dressaging it up in the arena with a pony who’s all show! Jessicake has the jump on everyone when it comes to blue ribbon riding.  Having the look that everyone desires is a piece of cake!

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Royal Prancer

Royal Prancer loves to dance with Tilly Tulip. Happiness is prancin’ 'n' dancin’ around the Royal Arena! Royal Prancer loves to pony-walk down the red carpet with her Lil’ Shoppie Tilly Tulip. This pair of pretty petals knows how to put on a show!

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Tilly Tulip

Tilly Tulip loves the great outdoors! She’s a true bouquet beauty 24/7. Tilly Tulip is all about “Flower Power!” She may be a princess but she’s no precious petal. Tilly is up for any adventure and horseback is the only way to travel for this Lil’ Shoppie!

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Cici Science

Cici Science loves making discoveries in the Bright Bunny Science Lab with her Petkins. Creating new stuff in a puff and mixing up a storm in a test tube is what she loves best. Cici Science is always "Up and Atom" and working out how and why, Nerdy is the new cool.

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Paige Pencil

Paige Pencil loves making everything all write! Although she likes to look sharp, Pencil can be quite blunt and gets straight to the point. A constant note taker, you'll find Pencil in the Clever Kitty Classroom organizing her Petkins!

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Mia Milk

Mia Milks loves never having to cry over spilt milk. Cute and clumsy, Mia Milk never has a sour look on her face even when nothing goes right! She just keeps cool and carries on.

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Jascenta loves having a room full of perfume! Sweet and Scent-sitive, Jascenta fills her bedroom with an aroma designed for sweet dreams. She loves to make the room bloom with her pretty Petkins so that it looks as good as it smells!

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Hollie Wood

Hollie Wood loves sharing a big night in with her friends! Movie-Nite is every night at Hollie Wood's house! She loves to decorate the Home Theater with her Petkins to give it that "Star Quality".  Hollie dreams to be on the screen but her friends are always telling her to "Keep it Reel!"

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Donatina loves having a "hole" lot of fun with her Petkins! Donatina loves decorating the kitchen so it's as bright and fun as her donuts! This Happy-Dough-Lucky girl runs rings around the other Lil' Shoppies when it comes to baking nice iced donuts!

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Makaella Wish

Makaella Wish loves decorating the place for the perfect party with her Petkins! Makaella Wish makes every birthday a happy birthday! She loves being the center of attention in the dining room and is always the "Light of the party!"... She's always making wishes come true!

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Colorissa loves making masterpieces for her friends! Capturing her Petkins on canvas and brushing up on her painting skills in art class is what Colorissa likes doing. She's always up to her ankles in art! - Like she says: "it's not a messa, it's how I express!"

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Skatlyn loves having two feet on eight wheels! This Lil's Shoppie draws a crowd when she rolls up for spin in the gym with her Petkins. Making things look great while having a skate - now that's the only way to roll!

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Valentina Hearts

Valentina Hearts loves being a sweetheart to all her friends. There's nothing like opening her heart and sharing the love with her precious Petkins in her Cozy Bear Bedroom. This girl has a heart that beats so sweet!

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Violette loves hitting the right note every time! Classically beautiful, Violette has many strings to her bow and is a perfectionist at everything she does. She conducts herself with grace wherever she goes and is always accompanied by her musical Petkins!

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Sunny Meadows

Sunny Meadows loves soaking up the sun and having fun with her blooming wonderful Petkins! A natural born beauty, Sunny Meadows greets the dawn with open petals and loves spending time dining with her growing circle of friends!

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Kiki Creme

Kiki Creme loves going Kooky over a cookie! Kiki Creme is always creating a scene with her Petkins in their Pampered Puppy Theater and sometimes it gets her into trouble. But she doesn't crumble under pressure. She can twist her way out of any situation!

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Jellica loves getting set for a sweet time in the Hungry Puppy Cafeteria with her Petkins. Sweet and unique, they broke the mold when Jellica was born! Hardly ever seen standing still, she's always bouncing off the walls!

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Berribelle loves filling her kitchen with the smell of mouth-watering muffins! Warm hearted and caring, Berribelle loves sharing her baked creations with her Petkins, But how does she bake the best muffins in Happyville? It's not that hard... "There's muffin to it!"

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Ballinda loves getting her kicks with some fancy footwork! Always on the ball, Ballinda loves playing soccer in the gym with her Petkins. Ballinda is a Lil' Shoppie with big dreams and she knows how to reach her goals!

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Queenie Hearts

Queenie Hearts loves to play the day away in the Mousy Hangout! With games galore you can forget the score, because everyone's a winner here! She's always game to try a new look when it comes to decorating her room!

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Milli Mops

For Milly Mops doing the laundry isn't hard work, it's good clean fun! Her Happy Place is an organized space! It's "wash 'n' wear without a care" with the help of her squeaky clean Petkins

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Rosie Bloom

Adoring the great outdoors is what puts a smile on Rosie's face. Relaxing in the sun, she loves to decorate her Puppy Patio with nature to create an outdoor room that really blooms!

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Fria Froyo

Fria Froyo loves sharing a FroYo with her berry best friends! An angel of sweetness, Fria is always ready to go the extra step to make sure that things run smoothly. The Puppy Patio is her Happy Place to chill with her Happy Place to chill with her Petkin playmates

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Macy Macaron

Macy Macaron loves always being out there! Creatively colorful and with a soft, kind heart, Macy Macaron loves to break away from the boring! This bright delight uses the Kitty Kitchen like an art studio to make her Macaron Masterpieces.

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Pia Puzzle

Pia Puzzle loves when it all comes together! Pia Puzzle can be a little scattered sometimes, but she's up for a challenge in the Mousy Hangout with her Petkins. It's always fun and games when this Lil' Shopie's around!

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Tippy Teapot

Tippy loves having a pot of tea wherever you may be! Anytime is teatime when Tippy Teapot and her Petkins in the Kitty Kitchen. Classy and clever, new ideas are always brewing in her head!

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Candy Sweets

Spinning up the sweetest party treats with her Petkins, Candy is pink and sweet from her hair to her feet! The fun has just begun, and with so many sugary Lil' Shoppies in the room, this Slumber Bear Party may never slow down!

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Chelsea Cheeseburger

Chelsea loves a burger banquet topped with the perfect cheese to please! Sharing tasty grilled treats with her Petkin friends in the Puppy Parlor is where you'll find Chelsea Cheeseburger! She's ready to take your order and serve it with a side of smiles!

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Polli Polish

Polli Polish always has the hottest colors at her fingertips! Splashin' some fashion on her nails in the Bathing Bunny Bathroom is where you'll find Polli. When it comes to creating the latest look, she nails it every time!

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Daisy Petals

Picking a bunch of her best friends and playing on the Puppy Patio with her Petkins! A down-to-earth girl, Daisy Petals understands the power of flowers and is always showering other Lil' Shoppies with blooming wonderful gifts!

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Cocolette loves having a choice of chocolates to make her sweet dreams come true in the Dreamy Bear Bedroom! Soft-centered and a real treat to be with, one visit to Cocolette's place is never enough. Her friends always come back for more!

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A little sweetie who loves creating an Oh-So-Cozy bedroom that’s a dream to sleep in. It’s the little things that makes a big difference when it comes to having a Happy Place to relax in. (Not to mention creating the best ever slumber parties!) Life's just a piece of cake for Jessicake! 

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Coco Cookie

Someone who loves cooking up cool combos with her Petkins to decorate her dream kitchen! 
Coco Cookie likes to be a cut above the rest when it comes to making the Purrrfect cookie in the Kitty Kitchen! She always tries her best to please. It’s all a matter of taste when it comes to decorating her Happy Place!             


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Loud and lovable, Popette loves to follow the latest trends when designing her Puppy Parlor. She’s a star when it comes to decorating and creating a lounge to suit her laidback lifestyle! Every night is movie night for Popette and her Petkins in the Puppy Parlor!


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A Lil' Shoppie with a sweet n sour personality. But she decorates with a style that creates smiles! It’s the little details that she adds that makes her Bunny Bathroom really POP and become a beautiful place to bathe and relax the day away!

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 A prim and proper shopper who loves kicking back with a cup of tea…. “There’s no better way to chill with her Petkins while she relaxes in the Puppy Parlor. But Kirstea doesn’t take sugar in her tea, she’s sweet enough already!”

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Sara Sushi

Someone who's always in tuna with her inner self. She's always chillin’ on the couch with her Petkins. Takin’ it easy in the Puppy Parlor is where Sara likes to release into the peace!  And spreading the calm is just one of her many charms! 

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Lippy Lou

A Shoppie who loves to check out the perfect pout in front of the Bunny bathroom mirror! Bright, glossy and sometimes bossy, she's never without her Petkins - Her take anywhere beauty kit! 


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Spaghetti Sue

Someone who loves creating pasta perfection in the Kitty Kitchen with her Petkin Besties! A girl who loves to twirl and knows exactly what to do to be a "Pasta Master"! She adds a touch of Italian style to everything she cooks! 


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Being pitch perfect. Her favorite thing is to sing! She loves pumping out smooth sounds with her Petkins in the Bear Bedroom. That way the day always ends on a happy note! 

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Rainbow Kate

A girl who's always makin’ it happen in the Kitty Kitchen! She's totally brilliant when it comes to mixing it up and creating taste sensations with her Petkin friends! 

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